Winter Foenander

"Well Weaved Jokes" (Bunbury Magazine)

"Bloodly Funny" (Mark Dolan, Balls of Steel) "A Machine gun of Improvisation" (Luton Comedy Club)

"Energetic & Fabulous an MC with lots of talent (Macclesfield Cricket Club) You can also hear him on his monthly podcast The Comedy Defect.

Winter Foenander endured his name for many years; until finally Game of thrones made it even move irritating . Following many unfortunate events Winter decided to do all the show biz things every successful entertainer does. Performing in squats, festivals, tents and the usual comedy clubs. Winter has performed in many locations around the world. He’s got jokes and is willing to travel. He wrote his first solo show “Aside Effect,” in 2017 for the Edinburgh Fringe and is now writing another By the “Power of GreySkull,” which he’ll be touring in 2018. As well as a hectic touring schedule he’s writing his first a Radio & TV sit-coms. An energetic, likeable and interactive comedian who’s comedy is surreal, silly dark and sometimes wholly improvised.