Tony Jameson

“Painfully funny...” The List

In September 2008, Tony Jameson first stepped foot onstage. Little did he know, 4 years later he would be quitting his day job as a college lecturer to pursue a full time career as one of the Norths most exciting and in demand comedians.

Whether he is performing as an MC or an act at some of the UKs’ top comedy clubs, Tony’s laid back conversational style creates an atmosphere you can’t help but get swept up with. He his just as confident regaling tales of everyday relatable troubles as he is improvising fantastic off the cuff routines should the opportunity present itself.

Tony has performed four full Edinburgh Fringe Festival shows at The Stand Comedy Club, and has recently concluded his first ever UK tour with his critical acclaimed show, ‘Football Manager Ruined My Life’. That show not only allowed him to perform infant of a vast number of people, but also a show that enabled him to make his silver screen debut as part of ‘Football Manager: An Alternate Reality’.

Tony has performed at various music festivals including Dearshed, Spilt, Beladrum, and Cornucopia, as well as appearing on the iconic comedy festival showcase Comedy In The Dark. Tony also co-hosted a show with Andy Fury on Star Radio in Darlington, as well writing for various football websites including The Secret Footballer.

“You cannot help but watch in awe…” Comedy Central