Sofie Hagen

“Warm, accessible but in no way bland, Hagen delighted the crowd with personal tales and observations. Her skill becomes all the more apparent when looking at her silences as well as her writing, her timing is spot-on and pauses, facial expressions and knowing nods and smiles all combine to make an act who is destined to make a name for herself.” –

Multi-award-winning, dark and Danish Sofie Hagen is well worth looking out for. In 2012 Sofie was chosen to perform at the prestigious Danish Comedy Gala 2012 as ‘The New Hope of Comedy’ and shortly thereafter moved to London, where she became runner up in at the Leicester Square New Comedian of the Year competition. TimeOut declared Hagen ‘ONE TO WATCH’ as she won Laughing Horse New Act of the Year 2013, establishing her as a comedian who is “destined to make a name for herself” (