Si Deaves

Si Deaves is a stand up comic hailing from the depths of Southend-on-Sea. Having realised just how odd his life and thought patterns so regularly are, Si decided to turn to comedy in early 2014 and use it to question everything from people’s misunderstanding of primary school level grammar, to why Goldilocks was so cruel, all the while bemused and amused by his own fears and neuroses. His dry and acerbic wit, love for improvising and playing around on stage, and general easy going manner make him instantly likeable.

Having racked up around 200 gigs in around 2 years Si has quickly become a strong act, having found his style early on. He has been consistently working hard to develop more and more material ever since. Si will be taking a double header to Brighton Fringe this year, as well as a 30-minute solo show, ‘Leaves With a D’, to Hastings Fringe and other events, and is working towards making that into a show for a full run at the Edinburgh Fringe next year.

“Wit, style and a bit of quiet evil as well.” – Alex Martini

“The most expressive eyes on the circuit” – Tom Ward

“I don’t get it” – SI’s Mum