Saban Kazim

Şaban (Pronounced Shaban) is a comedian of mixed backgrounds. He is from London and is half Turkish Cypriot and half English. His style of comedy is mainly story telling about his own life experiences. These may include anything from going to the Job centre to trying to buy a kebab. Sometimes he may also throw in an odd one liner here and there.
He 1st tried out stand up comedy early 2009, but only started gigging regularly in February 2010.
King Gong Comedy Store December 2014 – Winner
Laughing Horse 2014- Semi finalist
Comedy Knights 2013- Semi finalist
Comedy Cafe New Act night- winner 13/02/13
Laughing Horse New Act of the year 2011- Semi finalist
The Comedy Cafe’s new act night, 14th April 2010- Winner (19th gig)