Rogue 5

"These CHEEKY lads beat hundreds of stand-up comedians to scoop inaugural comedy gong. "
- The Sun

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you crossed a boy band with talent? ROGUE 5, that’s what!

A comedy boy band consisting of Romeo, Winston and Keef.
Five normal guys who will blow your mind, then blow your money… Don’t think of them as a boy band though, think of them as…
Nah, they’re definitely a boy band and they’re probably not that different. But don’t hold that against them just because you’re jealous!

Front man Romeo, will take you on a journey into their world of pop stardom where you will sing along to their shockingly honest songs, dance the ‘rogue hop’ and question his sexuality!
For those of you who enjoy organised crime and casual drug use, the band bad boy Winston will probably excite you!
Just ignore Keef though, he’s not important.