Paul Savage

“A wonderful way with words” BBC

Paul Savage started performing comedy in 2007. Since then he has performed all over Britain, from the highlands of Scotland to the bottom tip of Cornwall, and hundreds of places in between. In 2013, he did a tour of English speaking venues in Norway, Sweden and Denmark. In the 9 years he’s been going, he has performed over 1500 gigs, including six runs at the Edinburgh Festival, starting with the the Free Tea and Biscuits Show, which set a record for having the most genuinely homeless people in one audience front row (7). He also performed his debut hour “Cheerful Shambles” in 2013 which was well received by audiences and critics and had no homeless people in (as far as he’s aware). Since then, he’s performed the critically acclaimed fringe shows “All The Jokes In The Bible” (2014) and “Tired and Emotional” (2015). He is also the co-wrote and starred in the profane blasphemous game show Hell to Play (2015) which returned to the Edinburgh fringe in 2016 with an all new script. It was not, despite his best efforts, called 2 Hell 2 Play.

He’s also an accomplished cartooonist, with 2 collections published by McKnight and Bishop: “Contrived Setups To Niche Pop Culture References” and “Due To A Clerical Error In Reality”. He is the chief editorial cartoonist for Fringepig magazine (They let him choose his own title).

In his spare time he runs a small company that makes fruit gin infusions called Fruit Booze Collective

He’s currently working on one of about 16 projects, so feel free to add to his workload.


“Genuinely brilliant. Writes a good joke, draws a good cartoon: an all round hoot” The Guardian

“Paul Savage was fantastic” Portsmouth News

“Spree killer” -Steve Bennett, Chortle

“An engaging and affable labour of love froma man determined to find comedy in the unlikeliest of places” Broadway Baby