Nabil Abdulrashid

With risk of sounding melodramatic Nabil Abdulrashid may well be the very long awaited comedic breath of fresh air.

Born in London but raised in Northern Nigeria to a Medical doctor father and a politician/business woman mother he has been fortunate to travel around the world at young age and had a private school education before moving to back to England to live in Croydon south London (or croy croy as he fondly calls it).

His interesting background gives him a wealth of material which he takes to his advantage. Unpredictable, Nabil switches from surreal to satirical his dichotomy of being a middleclass educated man yet simultaneously a street smart urban youth whilst avoiding clich├ęs when dealing with topics like being a black muslim in south London is a glory to behold, what is more amazing is how he switches accent and languages like they were costumes speaking French, patois, urdu and Somali and Chaucer and blending them into his material like spices into a dish. In less than a year he has already written and starred in his own comedy sketch show which on air till date.