Markus Birdman

There’s a lot of quirky charm to Markus Birdman; a man at a slight angle to the universe, to coin a phrase.

He was once self-consciously wacky, but nowadays any zany tendencies are carefully regulated, making for a more straightforward set that benefits from the new focus.

And just as the gags are left-field without being too weird; the delivery is cheery without being too ingratiating.

Birdman has an incontrovertible ability to write a good joke, Even when he’s on the apparently well-explored comic territory where he spends much of his set, he can nail an unexpected line so perfectly you wonder why all the hacks who talks about similar things never got so inspired.

‘He packs his show with more affection, positivity and healthiness than you find in a pharmacy. Like a moment of genuine loveliness that is hard to explain. Funnily positive and positively funny.’ – Skinny