Mark Silcox

"his utter commitment, stretching out each petty victory or defeat into a matter of great importance., all hilarious. " - Steve Bennett, Chortle

Mark is an ex-scientist and a UK qualified science teacher. If you meet him you will immediately realise that you have met someone who have mastered the skills of passing academic exams and have no idea how things work in real life. His no nonsense approach to any thing he does put off everyone around him. Mark fails to understand why?. Mark has not made a link between the academic world and real life. He is an idealist, minimalist, belong in this world and he is a traveller. He respect machines and machines never let him down. He is natural with machines and yet it took him seven attempts to pass his driving test. This had been the biggest setback to him, while his wife and daughter passed their driving tests before him.


Before Mark started doing standup comedy he was well respected badminton player in his local club simply because of his grip on the game. The grip he developed by working hard over the years. Arrival of few young Chinese players in the club put Mark off from playing badminton and he registered for a standup comedy course at Citylit to find a new hobby. After finishing the course, Mark did 60 gigs in clubs and bars in all over the country, then he went to Germany to work as a scientist and stopped the comedy for three years. Since September 2012 Mark started gigging again with a completely new and clean routine.