Mark Flynn

Mark Flynn started stand-up at 50yrs old March  2020, since then he’s gone on to beat the gongs at Top Secret, Comedy Store, Vauxhall and Up The Creek comedy clubs, finalist in the New Act of the Year (NATYS) 2022 and Old Act Of The Year 2022, as he is both new and a little bit old
Mark is a man of few words most of them sarcastic, don’t ask him how he is, he will tell you. He describes his personality as “divorced” and is only doing stand up comedy to replace the attention he didn’t get as a child or as an adult.  He doesn’t smile.


Gong Show Winner – Top Secret Comedy

Gong Show Winner  – Comedy Store

Beat The Blackout  Winner- Up The Creek

Gong Show Winner – Vauxhall Comedy Club

Finalist – New Act of the Year (NATYS) 2022

Finalist – Old Act of the Year 2022


“Effortlessly funny”
Mike Gunn