Leah Lamarr

Leah Lamarr is a stand-up comedian, actress, social-audio influencer, writer and podcaster born and raised in NYC. Easily one of the fastest rising comedians working right now, Leah created Hot on the Mic (66k Members), the premiere venue for comedy on Clubhouse, which hosts daily stand-up shows to over 75,000 listeners per week. Additionally, Leah is currently the Clubhouse Icon (an app with 30.2 Million Users) with over 240,000 followers. She regularly features for Erik Griffin (“Workaholics”), Chris Redd (SNL) and for Dane Cook. She is also a recurring host on “America’s Funniest Home Videos”. She wrote, produced, directed, edited and starred in her web series, “The Real Witches of West Hollywood”, which won over 11 awards at festivals in 2019 and premiered at The TCL Chinese Theatre at Dances With Films, WON LA Top Shorts, the LA Film Awards and Hollywood Art & Movie Awards.