Kirk Smith

Kirk Smith is a comedian, author, writer, actor & podcaster.

From Dallas, raised in South America and currently makes his home in Los Angeles.

He started his career in Texas and soon graduated to New York where he spent 4 years performing in some of the top clubs in city such as Gotham, The Comic Strip & Caroline’s.

Kirk is the author of the best seller, “Rice Krispies with Ketchup” which was featured on Coffee Mom among other well respected shows.

A favorite at comedy clubs across the country he has also been a speaker and performer at events dealing with autism and mental illness.

His podcast “Autastic; A comedians guide to Autisim” has been featured on Itunes hitting number 4 on The Self Help chart. The podcast encourages and speaks to people who have family and friends living with autism.

Kirk’s monthly show “This is Crazy” features some of the countries top comedians talking about their experiences dealing with mental illness and neurodevelopmental disorders personally or their family/friends dealing with similar sitiuations. The show has been a hit in some of the best clubs and performances spaces in Los Angeles/Hollywood.

Currently Kirk will be featured in the world famous Perth Fringe festival in 2016.

Kirk can be seen in the Cohen brothers movie Hail Caesar…well, Kirk’s arm can be seen. Based on rave reviews from friends family and fans…his arm is in store for big things.