Josh Dillon

"Josh Dillon is definitely one to watch out for. He had the audience in stitches throughout his dry delivered but very funny & clever set" Collin Baxter, Jailhouse Screamers

Brighton-based Josh Dillon is an up-and-coming talent working regularly in London and the South Coast, delivering wry observational comedy with a deadpan style. Josh is a Probation Officer by day, and his act is a wry take on his real-life personal and professional experiences.

Josh recently made his debut at Krater Comedy at Brighton Komedia and regularly headlines at venues in Brighton and the South Coast.

Quotes :

“Josh Dillon amuses, surprises and engages the audience with a nicely balanced blend of well timed jokes and devastating dryness. His immaculately maintained dead-pan demeanour leaves you wondering whether you’ve witnessed a comedy routine or the confessions of a sociopath. There are two things I can say for certain; He’s very very funny and I never ever want to get into a staring contest with him” Joss Gurney, The Laughter Lounge

“Josh Dillon has appeared and headlined at many of the Comedy nights I run. His dry wit is always guaranteed to make the audience laugh. It’s always a pleasure to have him on the bill. If you book him, you won’t be disappointed” Charmaine Davies

“Josh Dillon is seriously funny. He’s like a young ‘old git’! Audiences are drawn into his slightly dark and miserable persona to hilarious effect. I’ve booked him for Jolly Comedy Club and worked with him at other gigs and he’s always delivered the funny. He is also reliable and great to work with” Jo Public, Jolly Comedy

“Josh Dillon delivered an oddly warm and enjoyable routine, considering his act was so deadpan in style. The audience lapped it up, happily travelling along with his dry observations and his long pauses, all well-practiced and timed to perfection. Professional and a pleasure to work with, I greatly look forward to having him back” Dan Kington, Danny’s Comedy Club.