Jonathan Kogan

With no topic off-limits, no joke too taboo, Jonathan has launched himself into the world of stand-up over the last 4 years (5 if you include the pandy – which he absolutely does not).

Swinging from pro spots at the best comedy clubs in London, to Roast Battles (UK championship finalist), to the Edinburgh Fringe, to regular TV panel show appearances and writing credits (Late Night Mash / BBC News Quiz / Headliners) Jonathan is building impressive momentum. He’s also got millions of views on his online comedy sketches, but these days that means literally nothing. Grow up.

With a genuine love for and fascination with comedy, he forges his sharp material from a combination of astute observations, self-deprecating Jewish humour and unique one-liners, all with a natural anti-authoritarian slant. He is well aware the emperor wears no clothes, so why should he have to?

Off the stage, as a comedy writer Jonathan is a regular hired gun for several household name comedians. Jonathan currently has his first comedy feature film in development and recently filmed a 10 episode TV series with British comedy legend John Cleese, performing and writing along side him.

“Jonathan’s stand up is great- he’s clever, likeable, original and enormously charming. He’s a great joke writer, has an ear for the perfect phrase, and he’s bursting with potential to get better and better.” – Simon Evans, Comedian

“Jon Kogan has a brilliant comic mind.” – Geoff Norcott, Comedian

“Jonathan Kogan is a tremendous performer with brilliantly crafted jokes.” – Andrew Doyle, Comedian, Author & Creator of Titania McGrath