John Robertson

"Funny, spooky stand- up - a hotly- tipped comedian with good reason." - The Skinny

Showman, dandy, YouTube manipulator, voice-actor and grinning anarchist. Creator of puzzles, insulter of hats. Early August 2013 new web series “The White Room” will be launched on Hat Trick Production’s YouTube channel Bad Teeth, as part of YouTube Geek Week. Live show The Dark Room at Underbelly Cowgate, Edinburgh 1st – 25th August, then throughout UK and Australia. Host of EB Games Expo Sydney, October 2013. Has performed all over world during last decade. Sings, dances. Pretty damn joyous. 28 as of last birthday. Wunderkind-turned-adult. Has written one play, eight solo shows, a gamut of op-ed pieces for Cleo Magazine, Huffington Post, featured in Variety Magazine, Bizarre, WIRED, been concussed onstage three times, had to crowd-surf to get into own venue once, has one scar on left knee (coral), one scar on forehead (door). Has had several adventures.