James Bran

James Bran is a fast-rising talent on the UK comedy circuit. Refreshingly different, whilst still appealing to mainstream comedy audiences, he’s bringing his quirky blend of stand-up and comic poetry to clubs all over the country.

★★★★ Succeeds in creating something both intruiging and funny…most notably very promising for the future. – BroadwayBaby

★★★★ His quirky performance showcases his talent as both actor and comic. Creative and rather unusual, it opens the show with a high and Bran’s a hard act to follow. – ThreeWeeks

‘I absolutely adored James Bran’s combination of world-weary haikus given a deliciously wonky delivery’ – The Huffington Post

Creating some of the finest psychologically motivated comedy seen on the fringe, the disturbingly funny set transits to the bizarre, with a finale that simply cannot be out into words… Guaranteed to have you in stitches. – The U Review