Elliot Wengler

“Who could fail to adore this comic?” – Redneck Comedy

Elliot Wengler is a comedian who will write in the third person, for which he does not apologise as it is awkward either way, so he may as well come across as confident at the same time (although he is generally nervous chap a lot of the time, but let’s face it, would you rather that I wrote ‘I am this I am that’ or ‘He does this, he’s like this’, it streamlines it into a more objective and kind-of humourous view right?).

The 2013-14 UEA Headlights Comedy Society President has been performing for three years and proven himself at over a hundred gigs. Whether its improvising an entire set about utopian dreamworlds as a result of civil servants in the audience, or sticking to three years worth of honed anecdotes and observations about the aspects of the world he does not understand,

Elliot Wengler always brings energetic and unique performances. Having performed and written with sketch troupes, improv troupes and youtube sketch show ‘Happy Botherings’, Elliot offers a really exciting take on approaching comedy.

‘Elliot Wengler offered proficient compèring. He created a comfortable back-and-forth atmosphere with the audience and his ability to conjure up even the most obscure reference to 2008 popstars was pretty enviable.’ – THE NORWICH TAB

‘Wengler’s compering and stand-up was a real treat on the night, varying from truly funny stories to exaggerated interaction with the audience that left other members howling in their seats (tip: don’t be a latecomer). His enthusiasm turned infectious and set the bar high for the night.’ – Concrete-Online.co.uk

“A solid act with a great range of material. Elliot has a greatly likeable stage presence. A sure booking for an opening, closing and MC spots.” – Joe Frost, the Birdcage Comedy Caberet Promoter

“Rapid fire material, and pinpoint.” – Gonzo’s Tea Rooms

“Funny, witty and extremely engaging.” – Phil Alexander

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