Ed Gamble

Ed began performing at university and took several sketch shows to the Edinburgh Fringe, which were of varying quality (varying from “putrid” to “passable if the audience got behind it from the start.”) It was at this time he started performing stand – up comedy, reaching the latter stages of some major competitions (So You Think You’re Funny, Chortle Student Comedian of the Year etc blah blah).

Around the year 2007, Ed received a call from Ray Peacock, who begged him to be on his podcast. He said: “oh please come and be on my podcast Ed or I will deliberately wee my knickers.” Ed agreed, not wanting Ray to have to shell out for yet another pair of fresh panties. This was The Ray Peacock Podcast, and Ed did 4 episodes, because he was too busy to do them all what with having a life. That life soon crumbled however, and Ray and Ed went onto create the much better and more Ed centric Peacock & Gamble Podcast. This was nominated for a Chortle Award, played on BA In Flight Entertainment, and led to the boys being hired as permanent presenters on BBC Radio 4 Extra.