Danika Thibault

Danika Thibault is a comedian who became known online as the Quirky, Annoying Stand-up Comedy Girl when clips of her stand-up set on the TikTok channel @comedyhereoften went viral due to many users thinking that she was cringe. The main joke that was ridiculed was about not being confident, just loud. The video, among others on the page, led to mass discourse on TikTok and elsewhere in November 2022, resulting in many TikTok duets and hateful comments (some related to the phrase “grip reaper“). Going into early 2023, screenshots of Thibault became common image macros on Twitterand elsewhere as she became a pop culture reference and character, likening her to a specifically quirky female archetype. The backlash Thibault faced led to many of the original videos being deleted.