Craig Smalls

2022 breakout star Craig Smalls is taking the comedy circuit by storm. Gong show winner & New Act of the Year finalist, Craig gives audiences a unique insight into his life as a Train Driver. His charm and warmth are guaranteed to be well received and his punchline line heavy sets are delivered alongside sharp witted banter which is proving a smash hit with audiences up and down the country.

New Act of the Year Finalist 2022 – The Stand Up Club

Vauxhall Ding Dong Gong Winner April 2022

Beat the Blackout x 5 in 2022

‘Craig has a wonderful charm and warmth as a comedian and is a relaxed and confident performer with some nice lines, he will go far…” – Geoff Whiting

“Craig is one of the nicest, funniest and warmest men you’ll meet, and is fast becoming one of the nicest, funniest and warmest compares in London too” Barry Ferns