Clayton Jones

"Instantly likeable. Laugh out loud hilarious. A proper cheeky geezer".WDG

Clayton’s act covers everyday topics of marriage, kids, being mixed raced, observational comedy, school life and growing up in London.

Finalist 2014 Southport New Comedian of the Year
Finalist 2014 World Series Frog and Bucket Manchester New Comedian of the Year
Finalist 2014 Hotwater club Liverpool New Comedian of the Year

“A comedy performance that has impressed many” FROG AND BUCKET MANCHESTER.

“Very funny & confident that earned him a huge round of applause from 2000+ bikers” BSH MAGAZINE

“From growing up in London he is now living in the north-west, Clayton is a proper cheeky geezer, very funny, and likeable. He has great comic timing and excellently delivered material” – Bobby Murdock