Benjamin Crellin

Benjamin Crellin became a professional comic at the age of eighteen and was deeply inspired by the work of George Carlin and Bill Hicks. He sees comedy as a joyful way of challenging dysfunctional belief structures and hypocracy. He does his best to use the medium of standup to assist in the growth and propergation of progressive, positive memes, the toppling of idols and the dispelling of fear. The underlying themes of his material are centered around truth, freedom and the evolution of humanity. His comedic angles often focus on social conditioning, propoganda and the manipulation of the masses. He is strongly influenced by the dystopian novels Brave New World and 1984 along with movies such as Fight Club, V for Vandetta, The matrix and games such as Deus Ex, Mirror’s Edge, Half Life 2 and Watchdogs. With two fifty date tours of the Canadian fringe, a showcase at Montreal’s Just For Laughs Festival and gigs at top clubs and festivals across the U.K he is a solid act with a unique flavour of comedic mischief and dissent. Currently working in N.Z, Benjamin has been based for the last four years in London.