Ashley Frieze

"Certainly knew how to raise the big laughs" Edinburgh Evening News

Ashley Frieze has been on the comedy circuit for over ten years and is a versatile comedian and MC, popular with audiences around the UK. He is a larger than life character who can gently tease the audience with a lightness of touch, or blast them with high-octane comic energy. As a musical comedian, Ashley has a guitar case full of comic songs and musical observations. His likeable persona makes him the perfect act to add variety and energy to any line up.

Ashley performs headline and support slots all over the country. He also regularly MC’s where his quick wit and cheerful banter charms and entertains.

Ashley has been performing on the UK stand-up comedy circuit since 2003. In that time he has performed extensively (over 1200 performances), as far north as the Highlands of Scotland and as far south as Penzance. He has made people laugh in comedy clubs, tents, cellars, music festivals and even on moving buses.

With an infectiously joyous style of delivery and the energy to bombard the audience with quick-fire lines, Ashley’s self-effacing and jolly persona will lift any room.