Andrew Maxwell

'He's the sort of comic whose thoughtful anecdotes interspersed with often incredulous explosions provokes wide smiles in between belly laughs - his easygoing blarney is incredibly infectious and it won't be long before you smiling and guffawing in agreement' - The List

Andrew Maxwell is more than a stand up comedian – he’s an intrepid social commentator and political protagonist on a mission to liberate minds with the power of comedy.

Born from the bloodlines of two street preaching Grandfathers in the heart of Dublin, the passion to speak out has always been rich in his veins and this is most evident when he’s in front of an audience.

Renowned for his sharp, fast paced streams of consciousness and well observed retort, Maxwell builds the crowd by challenging the controversial or taboo. He engages any audience he faces with a myriad of subjects and lures them into his riotous world.

Most recently his highly acclaimed Edinburgh Festival 2004 show ‘This is My Hour’ which explored what you would say and do if you only had an hour left to live, challenged the audience to combat fear and turn that fear into positivity. Andrew’s confidence in articulating even the most topical socio political subject matter with both intelligence and boyish charm makes for a highly appealing and intimate experience with each and every show. Consistently his live performances at this year’s festival sparked top class reviews and he won the Bank of Scotland Herald Angel Award for Comedy.