Af Panjalizadeh

Af Panjalizadeh started his comedy career in December 2012 to prove a point to a friend. After a gutsy performance in front of 120 people at a pub in Camden, he was urged to keep going by the audience.

Since then, Af has gone on to perform as often as he can, racking up 20 performances in the first few months of 2013. At his tenth gig, Af won the ‘Act of the Night’ Award at The Pig in Paradise in Hastings, taking home a tidy cash prize which paid not only for his petrol but also for a sandwich. Af went on to come 2nd in the Grand Final of the Colchester Comedy Festival New Comedian of the Year Competition in April 2013, beating off some tough opposition in only his twentieth gig.

Ever wondered what it would be like growing up in a strip club? Af reveals all, hilariously reviewing his upbringing and giving a no holds barred insight into the trials and tribulations of being the son of an Iranian strip club owner, in a small seaside tourist town.

Af is a funny man. His laddish rapport with audiences as well his contagious smile, lucky T-shirt and willingness to poke fun at parts of his life most people wouldn’t tell their best mate about, make him a shoo-in for an evening of belly laughs and squirming in your seat.