Adam Ethan Crow

“From beatings to arrests to yep, dead ex-girlfriends, his stories are all told from the heart and humour is his way of dealing with all the things that have happened to him. Crow makes a great effort of engaging the audience in the show, which helps you get involved in his life’s journey... Extremely well thought-out, smart humour.” (Chortle Aus)

Adam Ethan Crow has just returned from a five week run at The Improv and The Comedy Store in Los Angeles California. Before which he supported Flight of The Concords star, Rhys Darby on tour, playing to sold-out 3000 seat auditoriums. Now he’s back in the UK for a limited time before returning to the US in April.

Adam’s poignant yet laid-back show knits together surreal musings and tall tales based on a life littered with extreme highs and disturbing lows.